Windows Phone users getting banned from Pokemon Go

A tale of of a windows phone user using unofficial Pokemon Go application were banned. Here is their sad story that they published on reddit. My wife and I are pregnant. She’s having trouble, but the doctor said if she stayed active that would help. I though Pokémon Go was the perfect solution, but we both have Windows Phones.

Windows Phone users getting banned from Pokemon Go

A few weeks ago I read on Nokiaviews that there was a client for windows phone. We were both super excited and played for a few days. Eventually the program stopped working and after I did some research I realized the client was based on reverse engineering an API and that Niantic was trying to stop it.

So, I bought my wife and I both Android phones (Blu HD R1) and we used our primary phones as hotspots. This cost me a good deal, but I really wanted to motive my wife to stay active. We played for a week or so. My brother and mom both played with us and we walked around parks as a family. It was exactly the positive experience everyone described online and what I was hoping for.

I spent $40 one night because I was really happy with the experience and wanted to support the programmers. Eventually I got to level 24. My goal was 25 before our baby was born, but this was good close enough.

My wife joined Instinct, because she sympathizes with them and feels they are mistreated like Hufflepuff. I joined Valor. My wife surprised me today with a team Valor shirt to wear on my first day back to work.

After work I wanted to log on to see if anything was around my workplace. And I got a message, "Failed to get player information from the server." I googled this error message and my heart sank. It is apparently a symptom of a lifetime ban.

I understand that in the beginning by using the client on my Windows Phone I was using unofficial software and they are right to enforce my ban. However, I wasn’t trying to gain an unfair advantage or cash in on an exploit. I just wanted to be a part of the experience and motivate my wife to stay active. I didn’t want to cheat or break the terms of service at all. I was just an eager fan that happened to have a Windows Phone.

I wish I could say that I had it in me to start over, spend another $40, maybe join Instinct this time to support my wife, but I think I need to focus on my new son.

It make me sad to think that those amazing times I had with my family are in the past. They’re in the same place as the nostalgic memories I have of playing Red/Blue with my brother when we were kids.

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