Windows Phone Font

For the first time, Microsoft really put some emphasis on the type of font they wanted to use in the Windows Phone. Until now, only Apple used to be very particular about what fonts they were using in their products. Steve Jobs once said that unlike Microsoft, we put a lot of emphasis on the typography and that is the chief distinguishing feature for the end user as decent and elegant fonts make everything look so pretty. The name of fonts being used in the Windows Phone are given below.

The main font used system wide is the Segoe WP, followed by Segoe WP N, Segoe WP N SemiLight Regular and Segoe WP SemiLight Regular. If you install windows phone developer tools, including the Visual Studio, you can easily find these fonts. However, not everyone wants to download those gigantic softwares on their computer, especially if they are not into windows phone development. They can download them from the link given at the bottom of this post. If you do download it, just go to “C:\windows\fonts\” on your computer and there you will find a font that goes by “Segoe WP”. In case you have been wondering what ‘WP’ stands for here, well, it expands to “Windows Phone”.

Windows phone 7 font download

It appears that Microsoft used a modified version of the Segoe Windows 7 font to match the high resolution of windows phone devices. All the windows phone devices sport a resolution of 800 X 480. While Microsoft did say that manufactures can make windows phones with HVGA display, we are yet to see a windows phone with one. Download windows phone fontlink

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