Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.164 problems

General System

System will refuse to open apps randomly. Locking and unlocking the phone seems to solve this (very rare);
Turning Airplane mode on and off sometimes will result in Wi-Fi not working. Trying to shutdown the phone in this state will case it to hang on the "Slide to Shutdown" picture (after sliding it down) indefinitely. Only taking the battery out or doing a soft reset will fix this;
Ringtones (Incoming calls, alarms, notifications, etc) will sometimes play distorted/garbled;
"Vibrate when contact picks up" does not work if the phone is in "No vibration" silent mode;
Random Battery drains while in use / in stand by happen very frequently (almost daily to me);
Due to these drains, the phone will become a lot of times really really hot and actually be not comfortable at all to hold in the hand;
Screen will flicker / go black sometimes. This does not happen in WP8.1;

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.164 problems


Lock Screen

Unlocking the device, the clock/date/notification icons wont show up for a few seconds a lot of times;
Swiping up to call the pin code and swiping down again to get back to the lockscreen will result in an even longer delay displaying the clock again;
Notification Icons will sometimes flash repeatedly and indefinitely as if they’re constantly refreshing themselves.

Main Menu (Start)

Using the white theme with a darker picture while having it set to "full screen mode" will result in the top system bar (clock, battery, network, etc) being completely unreadable. This also happens using the black theme with a brighter image;
Some Live Tiles might stop updating, lose their icons (totally transparent tile), or only show their generic app icon at random. Common examples of apps that display this behaviour are the Weather App, photos App, Nextgen Reader app, and Facebook Beta;
Opening an app will result in a totally transparent start menu some times (using full screen picture mode). Swiping up and down will still move the background image accordingly. If you manage to tap a folder icon, the folder will open and show all it’s apps normally, but taping an app will do nothing. Calling the Task Manager and returning to the start menu will correct this;
Some apps, like pinning the "Applications Area" or "Kids Corner" in the start menu will result in a generic iconed tile with the name @\programs\appc…. The shortcuts work as expected;

Apps List Menu

Using a theme (dark or white) with the full screen image background (behind the tiles / app list menu): If you swipe to this menu, open an app (say for example, Windows Insider), let it load and then press the back button, you return as expected to the app list, however, it will have a severe graphical glitch where it wont show it’s dark/light overlay that makes this list readable. Swiping to the main start menu and back will fix this, and the gradient overlay will be shown accordingly;
In the apps search bar, inserting a people emoji (the ones you can change the skin colour) will result in an undeletable emoji (you cannot delete it at all pressing the backspace button). Swiping to the main menu and returning will clear the search field. This was tested with the phone in Portuguese (Portugal) using Portuguese (Portugal) keyboard, as well as English keyboard;
Some Apps, like Groove, Weather, etc, will not display it’s app icon, but instead just a theme-colored square in it’s place. Both apps show their icons normally in the Start Menu;
Swiping a little faster than normal will result a lot of times in the list disappearing / apps now showing their icons on time for a while.

Action Center

While in Single Hand Mode (Long Press the Windows Button), swiping down will open the action center, as it should. However, swiping down again will not expand the menu as it should, it will result instad on the bottom theme-colored bar that ends the menu constantly appearing again and again as you try to swipe the menu down again. Pressing the "Expand" button works as intended;
Pressing some system notifications (like "New Update Installed") will do nothing, and it will also not clear said notification (only swiping it away will clear it);

Task Manager

Task manager takes longer to show up when called compared to a Windows Phone 8.1 Device;
A lot of times, scrolling thought the apps will result in a severely stuttering horizontal scrolling animation;
The Closing App animation is too slow compared to 8.1, and a lot of times is even slower by hanging for a little bit when ending, making closing apps a seriously annoying task;
Start Menu Slot is missing the Windows Logo in the App Icon Area.

Settings Menu

The system menu is overall slower. This might be a placebo caused by the lack of animations compared to 8.1;
Sometimes opening the settings Menu will show gigantic icons which can be scrolled vertically (Desktop-Size Icons). The menu still functions as expected even in this state;

Settings Menu – System

Notifications and Actions will show a lot of apps without icons;
Phone area, in the "My Phone Number" part just shows an empty area without showing our number;
Battery Saver ยป Battery Usage: Info is not very accurate;
Still in battery saver, the "Change settings of background apps" menu will show a lot of duplicated apps and/or apps with missing icons / apps with system string names without icons;
Storage area will list a lot of apps without icons, and even list and allow system apps to be uninstalled (Like Phone, Glance, etc);
Downloading new keyboards will not work most of the times;

Settings Menu – Network and Wireless

Data Sense will go nuts by the end of the month. When it resents back to 0 it keeps spamming the user with the message "You have reached your data limit" over and over again if 3G connection is on;
VPN menu area hangs a lot while navigating / creating / editing connections;
VPN connection will be shut down if the phone is locked. It will also not restart automatically;

Settings Menu – Customization

This menu is generally very slow, picking colors and such;
If upgraded from WP8.1, last theme colour used while upgrading will be listed in the end of the list of colours;

Settings Menu – Lock Screen

Picking some apps as lockscreen background will result in the default "Plume" image being displayed instead;
Some apps, when chosen to be shown in the "Detailed state" or "Quick State" will show a red X and/or simply not show on the lockscreen/glance screen at all. Examples of this are Weather, Battery Pro+, etc.

Settings Menu – Privacy

Generally slow and painful with it’s eternal "Loading" scenes, but works good overall;
Surprisingly, on this menu there are no duplicate apps listed or apps with missing icons at all!;

Settings Menu – Additional Settings

Movement Lumia Data: The graph of "Standing, walking, running" is not displayed anymore;
Screen: Still using old WP8.1 Theme;
Extras and Info: Still using old WP8.1 Theme;

System Apps Bug List

People App

Slow Start up times compared to WP8.1;
Previously linked contacts are no longer connected after every single build upgrade (at least on the two phones tested);
Sometimes, in "Contact Filter", duplicate entries for Facebook, Outlook and Microsoft Messaging are displayed. Pickem them will usualy cause a mess in the app, most of the times making it hang and crash;
App Live Tile will display a lot of times pure black circles;
No option to initiate a skype call without video;

Phone app

Some contacts history calls are displayed with icons and sometimes without icons. Attempting to open one of the entries without picture will usually result in a "Error – Contact Not Found" situation;

Messages + Skype

A LOT of duplicate text messages are shown for older text messages in some contacts threads;
Sometimes multiple threads of the same contact are displayed: Some with the same name and photo, others with just the phone number, most of them containing single text messages inside;
App lacks switching animations and is generally slower compared to it’s WP8.1 counterpart (mostly due to the lack of switching animations, so called placebo effect); -Scrolling faster in a SMS thread will cause the app to fail to show texts fast enough. A lot of times this results in the app hanging and outright crashing;

Calendar App

Selecting a day and tapping the "+" button will just reset the day back to the present day while creating a new event;
While creating a new event, sometimes an empty notification alarm will be announced by the System;

Calculator App

Still slow on startup;

Weather App

Splash Screen Will not show, and if network connection is slow the user will be presented a long duration blackscreen until it can acess the internet for info;
The app is missing it’s lockscreen feutures;

Camera App

The app will fail to open freshly taken images a lot of times;
Generally worse image quality noticed on both Lumia 930 and Lumia 640;
Rich Capture will fail to work sometimes;

Outlook Mail App

Performance is great!;
A lot of e-mails are disfigured when viewing them;

New "Devices" App (the app to make stuff happen when a new device is connected)

Still uses WP8.1 Style;

File Explorer

App opens with the hamburger menu always expanded (annoying!);
No .txt support???

Movies and TV Shows

Does not load .srt files;

Photos App

Takes a LOT of time to show new additions to the library (be it downloaded images or freshly taken photos);
It’s impossible to zoom in on photographs a lot of times. Only closing and re-opening the app will fix this;
Albums do not synchronize between devices (unsure if they should already sync or not);
Sometimes swiping between photos results in an out-of-center image overlapping the previous image (rare);


Generally Slower;
Might crash a lot in bigger app lists;
A lot of apps will be stuck forever installing, or just wont install at all.

One Drive

If network is slow, like weather app, it will show a black screen for quite a while instead of the splash screen or a loading animation;
Navigating image folders will result a lot of times in a lot of thumbnails not being loaded, even with great internet conectivity;


Downright worse than 8.1, however no performance issues whatsoever;

Quiet Hours

Displayed on our phones, but since we don’t have cortana it wont open at all. Why have this icon on the Action Center if we can’t use it?;

Skype Video

Very slow app startup and navigation overall, especially when initiating a call from the people app;

One Note

Gets SERIOUSLY and painfully slow when trying to edit / add text if there is a lot of text in the page. This did not happen on WP8.1;


Some Websites are stuck in a reloading loop and can actually crash the browser;
Browser sometimes freezes navigating even simple pages;

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