Tips on how to keep your Windows Phone device secure

Windows Phone is one of the most secure mobile platform out there. This does not mean we ignore the basic task as a user to safeguard against any attacks or theft of our device.Windows Phone provides a lot of security features which will be mentioned below so that you don’t ever face a messy situation again.

Tips on how to keep your Windows Phone device secure

The first and foremost tip is to always install apps from from Windows Phone store. The apps in the store are tested by Microsoft and encrypted properly so that you don’t download any malicious stuff onto your device. Please do not install the xap file available online since they might assist thieves in  getting your data, always trust the reliable source in the Windows Phone store.

Use a Pin to lock your device, this might seem trivial but people sometimes leave their phone behind and someone might misuse it. Set a PIN for your device so that all your critical information is secure.In addition, you can set a PIN for your SIM card to prevent other people from making phone calls with your phone, and you can also set a PIN for your Wallet to prevent unwanted NFC payments and Windows Phone Store purchases.

In case you wish to give your phone to child or want to hand it over to someone for a brief period it is always a good idea to enable the Kids Corner from the settings. Enable it and set it up with the necessary apps and games that can be run. This will mean that that user will be able to access only the stuff you allow access to and the rest is under your control.

Backup, backup, backup. Windows Phone 8 can automatically save your phone settings, text messages, photos and videos to the cloud so you’ll have a backup if something happens to your phone. For details, see Backing up your stuff.

Whether your phone is lodged down the back of the settee or riding around in a taxi, misplacing it can be a nightmare. But setting up Find My Phone can help. From your browser, you can ring your phone, find it on a map, lock it or even erase it. You can also send your contact info (or another brief message) to show on the lock screen, just in case some kind soul has found it. This “set it and forget it” step is great for your peace of mind.To map your phone’s location, you must turn on location services on your phone from settings.

Enable Two step authentication on your device. Finally, always be up to date with the latest version of Windows Phone on your device. Download and install any new updates which are available either from Microsoft or any OEM, these might include some updated security features which are always useful.

Hope these tips have helped and remember Prevention is better than cure.

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