The Dangers Of Computer Worms

A worm virus is a self replicating, malicious application that can easily penetrate an operating system with the sole purpose of spreading harmful programming codes. It can utilize networks to forward the copies of the genuine codes in other computers and thus causing damage through the consumption of bandwidth, along with the deletion of files and sending data through e-mail. It can also launch backdoor applications in the computer.

Computer Worms

Unlike other virus applications, this self-replicating application does not need the guidance of a cyber criminal. Basically this virus mainly spreads through activities like opening any file or program etc. This virus mainly penetrates through file sharing links and networks of harmful websites, attachments, via FTP source and IRC message link. They can also utilise the errors in the network configuration as well as the loopholes of the security application and operating system. Stuxnet virus is an example of a computer worm. This was invented in the year of 2010. Users must quickly understand the symptoms for its quick removal. Feel free to check out this spyhunter review for more information. Some of these striking symbols are mentioned below:

* Automatic running and opening of programmes
* Unusual behaviour of your computer
* Firewall warnings
* Errors in operating system and the appearance of error messagess
* Appearance of unknown desktop icons and files
* Modifications or missing files
* Slow performance of your system
* Forwarding of e-mails in unknown contacts without the knowledge of the user
* Crashing or freezing of the network

There are many precautionary measures that users can follow to prevent their computers from the attack of this virus application. These primarily include the following:

* Avoid opening unrecognised and unexpected e-mails, because worms mainly spread through them
* Users must refrain from clicking unknown links and opening of attachments from unauthorized sources
* Users must regularly update their software and operating system with security releases issued by the vendor
* Users must regularly run anti-virus software application to protect from such virus attacks

In case the computer is already infected with the worm then users must follow certain other steps mentioned below for complete removal of such virus from their computer:

* Users should conduct a thorough check whether the ant-virus is latest or not
* Then they must run a full security scan of their computer
* If the scan shows the presence of worms and other malware applications then users must delete the infected files and folders and clean the registry of the computer again with the anti-virus
* Users must always update the version of its operating system

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