Spotify for Windows Phone gets new color scheme and pivot navigation

Spotify is a Windows Phone 8.1 app and is compatible with Windows 10 Mobile as well and this new update is for both. This is a nice news as Spotify have a large user base on 8.1 – I’m certain that once their userbase migrates to W10M, so will their app. I would be happy if I still was an 8.1 user and got the update, but there’s better W10M options out there today if you’re a single paying costumer.

Spotify for Windows Phone

Keep in mind that there is no Spotify Connect present in this update. This "connect" feature that lets you connect to other units, like the Play station. That said, the amount of UI improvement work they have put into this update is still a good show of support from this company.

Navigation is still quite slow and bloated. No new features as far as I can see? Hope they keep up the updates though and speed it up, and perhaps more features too.

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