Minecraft Pocket Edition Updated to V0.121.0.0

Born several years ago by the team Mojang, the game Minecraft now has over 100 million players around the world who have come to appreciate this hugely successful franchise bought by Microsoft. Minecraft Pocket edition is available for windows phone 8.1 users and it has today been upgraded to v which implements a number of interesting innovations that go to optimize the user experience.

Minecraft Pocket Edition for windows phone

The new version 0.121. 0.0 introduces these updates / enhancements.

Underground world and its inhabitants. Fight against Ghast and make friends with Pigman!
Play with up to five players from the Pocket Edition with users of Windows 10 Edition
Improved touch controls, media controllers and controller configuration menu.
Weather evolved! New effects, including the accumulation of snow.
Ability to tame ocelot with fish
Experience, anvils, distillation and spells. Do not limit your creativity.
Flower pots. We have to try to fill them with flowers.
Ability to walk and fly stealthily
Numerous bug fixes

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