How to fix SD card errors in Windows Phone 8.1

Recently I ran a poll on reddit as well as on our Facebook group regarding the SD card errors in Windows Phone 8.1. I was facing this issue ever since I updated my phone to Windows Phone 8.1 and this motivated me to run a poll. Just as I anticipated, more than 90% of people were facing this issue and most of them were really annoyed by it.The issue was not restricted to low end devices, even Lumia 1520 users faced the issue.  So I thought of writing an article to help you guys fix the issue.

How to fix SD card errors in Windows Phone 8.1

When I updated my phone to Windows Phone 8.1, I was using  a SanDisk 16 GB Class 4 micro-SD card and I thought it was causing the issue. Later on I changed upgraded to a SanDisk Class 10 32GB microSD card and I still faced the issue. The issues I faced were -apps becoming unresponsive, resuming screen, unexpected crashing of apps, audio of games not in sync, tiles does not show icons,app icon’s not showing in app list and a message every time I restart my phone,mentioning that there are errors in SD card. As you can see in the image above, there is an option for scanning your SD card by your phone to fix the errors and tried that too. But unfortunately it caused my apps to be unresponsive, and nothing happened even after leaving my  phone for 3 hours. So I had to soft reset my phone to revert it back to working condition.

As you can see from the poll results above, out of 150 responses so far, more than 90% of users were annoyed by the issue.

By spending some time on internet, I found the following solutions to the issue

1. Try upgrading your micro SD card to a faster one like Class 10. This worked for some people, but didn’t work for me.
2. Scan the SD card using the phone itself and this may fix the issue.
3. Safely remove the SD card from your phone and connect it to your PC with the help of an adapter or reader. Right click on the Removable Drive and select ‘Properties’. Navigate to ‘Tools’ tab and click on ‘Check’ in the Error Checking section. Let your PC scan your drive, it took around  1 hour for me. If there are any errors in your SD card, PC will fix it and you will get a dialogue box as shown in the image below.

Scan your drive once again and finally you will see dialogue box mentioning there ain’t any errors in the drive. This tricked worked for me personally and my phone now works like a charm without any annoying resuming screen. We tried these fixes on Lumia 520, 620 and  and it worked for us.

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