GP106 GP104 Benchmarks: Gigabyte Asus GP106 Review

GP106 and GP104 are graphics cards that are meant for mining Ethereum, Zcash and other bunch of cryptocurrencies. These GPUs come without any display panels, no DP, no HDMI, no DVI – the only thing you get is the card itself and cooler. Also, they will only be able to do mining and won’t let you work on anything else – so no video editing, or playing games. GP106 is based on Nvidia 1060 while the GP104 is based on GTX 1080. It is available from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and some other Chinese firms.

nvidia gp106 benchmark review

One is able to get almost 24 hashrate with the GP106 which is a 3 H/S higher than non mining edition of 1060 graphics card.

Other than that, there is only going to be a 90 day warranty. On top of that the resale value won’t even be close to a typical GPU used in gaming. Hell I can sell back every AMD card I have bought this year for more than I paid for it. Unless it’s >40% cost per sol cheaper I won’t bother. The inability to resell as a general graphics card for gaming is a big detractor.

Here is screenshot of non mining version of Nvidia 1060.

Gigabyte Asus GP106 Review

Why are these GPUs dedicated for mining making equal or less hashrates than regular gaming GPUs that are similar If not cheaper price? Not profitable at all considering resale value if anything happens to GPU mining will be a big zero.

Companies are just increasing their profit margin with an in demand product.

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