Team of Authors

Kamal Singh: Kamal is a master of computer application and an avid Windows Phone fan. He has been following the windows phone arena even before the first device hit the market.

Victor Jeff: Victor is a young windows phone lover and also the youngest in the team. He has been following windows phone from a long time and promoting windows phone from past 3 years on social media sites

Ram Subramanium: Ram is a teenager who has been following windows mobile platform since its early days. As an IT student, he strongly believes windows phone is the key to the success of Microsoft in mobile arena.

Deepti Bhatnagar: Deepta is a windows phone fan by heart and his love towards this platform is the chief reason behind the formation of

International Reporters

Tim Sweatmon: Tim lives in Netherlands and has been following windows phone updates from past 10 years.

Karl Jacobson: Karl is from Australia where he spends quality time in teaching people the benefits of windows phone over other platforms.