VLC For Windows Phone Screenshots released

VLC is on the verge of releasing windows phone version of their media player. The only thing that is stopping them from doing so is the ARM compiler that their

Microsoft Offering Lumia 635 and Fitbit Flex bundle

Now that Windows Phone 8.1 has received support for Fitbit wearables, Microsoft is luring potential Lumia 635 buyers the opinion to buy a bundle that includes a Fitbit Flex activity

HTC One M8 with Windows Phone OS to be launched later this year

Tom Warren editor in chief of theverge has posted on twitter that HTC will be launching a Windows Phone variant of M8 Android smartphone later this year. The One M8

India is second largest windows phone market

According to a new report by AdDuplex, the USA is still the leader of Windows Phone market. Its market is followed by India and Brazil. The data was taken on

Download BBM for Windows Phone

BlackBerry has finally released BBM for the windows phone today which will lure some excising BB users to this glorious platform. It is still in BETA though.  What makes BBM

Cyan Update rolled out in Thailand

Nokia is now rolling out Lumia Cyan update in Thailand and people having WP8.1 on their phones having it first. Microsoft India has also confirmed that users in India will

Windows Phone from Lenovo, Longcheer, JSR, Micromax, K-Touch, Prestigio in the works

Latest AdDuplex stats suggest that new windows phones have been spotted from Lenovo, Longcheer, JSR, Micromax, K-Touch, Prestigio. Of course we are most excited about the Lenovo windows phone. Rumors

Germany to get Lumia 930 on July 11

Germany will be getting the Nokia Lumia 930 on July 11. If you want to get it on the launch day, you can pre-order the Nokia Lumia 930 from German

Nokia Networks to bring 5G To Brazil

Nokia non-mobile division NSN will be working with Brazil Pontifical Catholic University for the development of 4G and 5G networks in Brazil. The companies have opened a new lab that

Download Yo app for windows phone

Yo application for windows phone is now available for download. This app’s craze is almost over but it is good to see the official company showing interest in this budding